Winter has come: a game of draughts

Winter has come and 9 out of 10 homes in Victoria have unwanted draughts. This is often tackled by residents using heaters wasting unnecessary energy and money.  

Stop letting your money blow out of the door, window, floorboards, vents and chimney. We want to help you to join an army of draught slayers and binge on cosy nights in. 

workshops, winter warmers and draught slayers

With the help of Bunnings, St Kilda Repair Cafe and a host of local DIY enthusiasts we will support, educate, and empower apartment dwellers to choose a cost effective, sustainable solution this winter - draught proofing.

  • We will engage experts to deliver free community workshops.

  • We will hold Winter Warmer nights in Port Phillip apartments.

  • We will provide goodie bags to community members to draught proof their apartments.

  • We will train community members to teach their neighbours to slay drafts their apartments.

Find out how you can get involved.

free workshops

Draught proofing your home will mean you can enjoy;

  • Cosy nights in

  • Saving money on energy bills

  • Reducing your carbon footprint.

Come along to one of our FREE draught proofing workshops and let the experts show you how to slay your draughts.

host a winter warmer

As part of our Winter Has Come: Game of Draughts we are holding a number of Winter Warmer nights.

Here's how it works;

  • Invite your neighbours,

  • We supply cheese and wine,

  • We supply the materials

  • We supply an expert to draught proof your apartment.

It’s a chance to connect with your neighbours, learn a new skill, save energy costs and enjoy cosy nights in.

And best of all it’s FREE.

Email to take part.

how to draught proof your home

Draught proofing is finding and fixing draughts to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Whilst good ventilation helps reduce condensation and damp and can help cool down a hot house, draughts are uncontrolled – they let too much cold air in and waste too much heat.

Draughts come into your house through gaps and cracks around doors, windows, exhaust fans, fireplaces and so on. To draught-proof your home you will firstly need to find the draughts.

  • Look for obvious gaps 
    Visible light under and around doors and windows is a good clue.

  • Listen for rattles or whistling 
    Take time out, especially during strong winds, to listen for rattles and whistling around doors and windows.

  • Feel for moving air 
    Feel around doors, windows, fireplaces, air outlets, vents, stairways, floorboards, exposed rafters and beams, built-in heaters and air conditioners, architraves and skirting boards.

  • Look for movement in curtains
    Movement in and around curtains can be an indicator of draughts.

Discover the best approach to seal the different draughts around your home.

The Victorian Energy Saver Incentive Scheme provides support to Victorians who install certain draught-proofing and weather-sealing products.

Warning - Special care needs to be taken in houses that have internal gas appliances, especially houses with:

  • flueless gas heaters

  • a gas heater installed in a chimney

  • an open flued gas heater.

Fixed ventilation openings required for flueless and open flued gas heaters must not be blocked.