Did you know that the average Victorian household throws out over $2,200 worth of food per year?

PlanBuyCook share the virtues of meal planning to help to reduce waste and cost. Jen is a chef and mother of two children who has menu planning down to an art form. Gaby is a mother of three boys under 14 who is always looking for ways to simplify her life and new recipes for her hungry family.

They believe that embracing meal planning is genuinely life changing. Planning your meals, shopping once and using your freezer well can save you more than $2000 a year in grocery bills. It is easier and less expensive to cook from scratch, and you can almost eliminate food waste.

In this informative video, filmed at South Melbourne Market, discover how waste can be avoided by better planning of meals and the right storage of food.

Waste Free Meal Planning Shopping List 

Ready to reduce food waste? Get organised with PlanBuyCook's handy shopping list.