Household solar

What is it?

Installing solar on your rooftop has never been easier or cheaper.

Council has partnered with not-for-profit Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) to make rooftop solar affordable and simple for residents.

YEF will help you through the process, and arrange a quote for you including all relevant government rebates. They work with a reputable supplier so you know you’re getting a quality solar system.

The Victorian government is offering grants up to $2,225 towards solar installation.

Council is also providing extra support for low income residents. If you have received a pensioner concession on your most recent rates notice you may be eligible for an additional $1,000 rebate.

Why have it?

1 in 5 homes in Australia currently have solar installed. Council is committed to helping residents improve our City’s sustainability through installation of rooftop solar. This commitment is part of Council’s Sustainable City Community Action Plan (2017-2020).

How to take part?


Phone 1300 866 634 to speak with Yarra Energy Foundation

Register for the free Solar Information Session on the 29th of October here.

If you are looking for solar for common areas of an apartment block or a business seeking solar please contact us at Council.