Smart Solutions for Waste

This Program is a sustainable waste-loss program for the City of Port Phillip’s diverse, seaside community.

The program empowers the community to learn about the impacts of consumption, understand their waste footprint, and make changes to avoid, reuse, and recycle as much as possible.


How to Participate

Taking part is simple:

  1. sign up online and complete a home waste measurement

  2. pledge to some waste reduction goals

  3. get active – join the online community and attend our workshops and webinars

  4. evaluate your waste reduction by re-taking your home waste measurement

  5. share your success at our celebration evening.

Participants are supported by their Port Phillip neighbours and the City’s Waste Futures Team via an online community where we can all share ideas and tips, discuss challenges, and find answers together.

Collectively, participants make a measurable difference to our 554kg per year waste line to create cleaner, healthier and more liveable Port Phillip neighbourhoods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in understanding more about how the Smart Solutions for Waste Program can benefit you, explore the frequently asked questions.