An initiative that works in partnership with business owners and operators, and landlords to identify and implement potential opportunities to: improve energy efficiency, access renewable energy, reduce water and waste

The program will have two parts:

1. An intensive initiative to be piloted with a small group of showcase businesses that can then be used as inspiration for others to follow. These businesses will be selected to represent a range of industry types.

2. A broader behaviour change initiative to provide support, networking and advice across the municipality. This program will require preparation to develop relationships within the business sector so isn’t scheduled to commence until 2018/19.


Forty eight per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Port Phillip are generated by the non-residential sector.


The Program has now launched! A successful recruitment phase resulted in 13 local businesses joining the Program. They come from across the City and vary in size and sector.


We are delighted to be working with;

  1. Globe International

  2. Colonial Brewing

  3. Starward Distillery

  4. Alex theatre      

  5. Bellini’s Hair                 

  6. Chapel Corner Service Centre   

  7. Figo Elwood    

  8. Fitzrovia   

  9. Kids in Motion

  10. Hair & Beauty Touch                   

  11. Firebrand Sourdough Bakery    

  12. Shady Hill Luxury Flowers

  13. Unreal flowers

Sustainability audits are taking place, the results will create a path to becoming a smarter, greener, more sustainable business.



Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impacts. Wanting to address their organic waste Globe International, a Port Phillip based skateboard brand, installed a worm farm and veggie patch on a disused plot at their head office and made it available to staff. They planted a seed and it grew.

Environmental and Social Responsibility Manager, Jason Boulter, has been pleasantly surprised by staff response to the two new additions, “We ended up with more volunteers to care for the worms than we could cope with. We have a worm waitlist”. They now have a fully functioning worm farm that is coping with all their organic waste, a thriving veggie patch that staff are using to freshen up their salads.

Perhaps more surprising is the impact it’s had on staff. It’s brought people together from different departments. It’s inspired some to start worm farming at home and others to get back into composting. People are found chatting around the veggie patch and taking little breaks that put a smile on their faces and break up their working day.

Local cafes have heard about the worm farm and veggie patch and enquired about bringing their coffee grounds to be used as compost. Globe is now considering adding more farms and patches to accommodate the local community. They also provide access to e-waste and soft plastic recycling which has been well received with staff bringing waste from home to make use of the service.

So there you have it, a humble worm farm and veggie patch has made a real difference, not only to environmental outcomes but to the wellbeing of a team and community. With support provided through the Program they are now looking at ways to improve their energy efficiency. Their long term goal is to move towards operating as a zero waste organisation, incorporating packaging and products.

Globe International are one of 13 businesses taking part in City of Port Phillip’s Smart Solutions for Businesses Program. The Program supports local businesses to operate smarter, greener and more sustainably. The worm farm and veggie patch were installed by Worm Lovers with a comprehensive handover to ensure both are happy and healthy.

If you’re a business in Port Phillip and you want to share your sustainability journey or start one, contact us at enviro@portphillip.vic.gov.au