A Sustained Reduction in Waste

At City of Port Phillip we have smart solutions for a sustainable future and are striving to be a City with a sustained reduction in waste.

 What is it?

The growth and increased densification of our City is placing increased pressure on waste services. We currently produce more waste, and recycle less than the average metropolitan Melbourne household and we need to turn this around.

We must work collaboratively as a community to achieve four priority outcomes and become:

  • A City that reduces waste

  • A City that maximises reuse and recycling

  • A City with clean streets, public spaces and foreshore areas

  • A City that uses new technology to process waste better and reduce environmental impacts

Council Projects - E-Waste and Battery Bins

Residents can now easily drop off their e-waste and batteries at local libraries knowing they will be safely recycled. Council has introduced recycling bins to local libraries to improve recycling rates. From 1 July this year, e-waste will be banned from landfill, including kerbside general waste and recycling bins.

E-waste is the fastest growing category of waste worldwide. An estimated one in five Australians are have a stash of unwanted e-waste items, from mobile phones and laptops to batteries, in their home or office.

As well as hazardous materials, e-waste also contains valuable resources which can be reused. By recycling e-waste, you reduce landfill, protect the air and waterways from harmful materials, minimise raw materials consumption to produce electronic products and reduce greenhouse gases created in the production of new materials.

Measuring Progress


Council Deliverables


Community Project

Discover how the St Kilda Repair Cafe is helping community to consider consumption and repair rather than replace. Read more.