Act and Adapt: Sustainable Environment Strategy 2018-28

From our community to our heritage buildings, we are a City of personality and character. Our proximity to the city, the 11 kilometres of bay foreshore, beautiful tree-lined streets and the many attractive parks and open spaces, makes Port Phillip an attractive destination for residents, businesses and tourists.

However, changing environmental conditions and a growing population will create new challenges for the City of Port Phillip and our community. 

We are committed to securing a sustainable future for our city. That means a city that is greener, cooler and more livable, that is adaptable to climate change and reduces and manages waste more efficiently.

We can’t do it alone, to meet our sustainability challenges head on we need your help. Discover how we can all work together in Act and Adapt: Sustainable Environment Strategy.

Don’t Waste It! Waste Management Strategy 2018-28

This Strategy responds to both the challenges and opportunities presented by our rapidly growing City and the significant changes taking place in the waste industry.

We currently produce more waste, and recycle less than the average metropolitan Melbourne household and we need to turn this around.This is the blueprint for how Council and the community will work together to create a more sustainable future for Port Phillip, through the way we manage our waste.