The Sustainable City Community Action Plan outlines the Actions that Council will take over the next three years to support the community to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste. This includes residents, businesses, community services and schools.

Here are some of the programs from that Plan. 


Seedlings Program

The Seedlings program provides a foundation for lifelong learning which empowers, enables and connects children, families, early childhood professionals and the community to live more sustainably.

Seedlings is a successful partnership between Council and Port Phillip Early Childhood Education and Care Services (ECECS) with currently 21 Services involved in the program.

The program offers professional development opportunities for Educators. Also part of the program is:

  • Regular meetings with each individual service to set tangible goals and develop Action Plans for further embedding sustainability at each service.
  • Book resources for services to keep and use for their teaching programs.
  • A bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Open House sessions for educators and directors who are curious to see first-hand what other services are doing on the ground.
  • A grants program where each service is eligible to apply for a cash grant to use for approved sustainability initiatives at their service.
  • Prizes to win to further embed sustainability.

Through the Seedlings program, we are seeing some outstanding results in energy, water and waste reduction, and enriched education outcomes.

To find out more about our Seedlings Program please contact Verity McLucas our Sustainability Education Officer -   


Behaviour Change program for renters

A program designed to encourage tenants within the City of Port Phillip to reduce their emissions, waste and water use, through simple changes in behaviour. Examples of behaviours that can be affected include:

  • Changing settings on heating and cooling

  • Having shorter showers

  • Turning off lighting when not needed

  • Purchasing ‘Green Power’ from an energy supplier

  • Recycling and composting

  • Reducing use of air conditioners

  • Reducing water consumption

  • Choosing energy efficient appliances


Solar Bulk Buy

The City of Port Phillip is pleased to provide you with a cheaper and more convenient way to purchase solar panels.

Council has engaged energy experts Positive Charge to provide residents with:

  • A great deal on solar panels due to a negotiated discount
  • Reliable and independent advice on the appropriateness of solar for your property

  • An obligation-free quote from a carefully selected, reliable and reputable solar supplier, approved by the Clean Energy Council

  • A 25 year warranty on the output of the panels and a 10 year warranty on the inverter and the installation.

The program is funded by Council as part of its commitment to reducing community greenhouse gas emissions.

If you would like to know more phone Positive Charge on 03 9385 8555 or obtain an obligation-free quote at    



Smart solutions for apartment program

A Council initiative that works in partnership with Owners’ Corporations and Facility Managers to identify and implement opportunities within apartment buildings to:

  • Improve energy efficiency

  • Access renewable energy

  • Reduce water and waste.

The program also aims to reduce the operating costs of apartment buildings.

We offer a free sustainability assessments to identify potential sustainability improvements and illustrates the cost savings that can be achieved.

For further information and to apply please email the Sustainable Programs team at or phone 03 9209 6690. We’d love to hear from you.