From our community to our heritage buildings, we are a City of personality and character. Our proximity to the city, the 11 kilometres of bay foreshore, beautiful tree-lined streets and the many attractive parks and open spaces, makes Port Phillip an attractive destination for residents, businesses and tourists.

However, changing environmental conditions and a growing population will create new challenges for the City of Port Phillip and our community. 

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  • Lower than average rainfall means water supply is estimated to be reduced by up to 11% by 2020.


  • Rising temperatures means heat-related health stress that particularly impacts vulnerable community members.


  • we are vulnerable to sea level rise as much of the City is only one to three metres above sea level.


  • Increased erosion of the foreshore is expected due to an increase in the number and intensity of storm surges.


  • we are the most densely populated municipality in Victoria and our resident population is projected to grow 23% by 2027.


  • Our worker population will rise dramatically. Fishermans Bend is expected to bring 33,715 more jobs to Port Phillip by 2050.


  • we are A popular inner city area of Melbourne, attracting more than 2.8 million visitors each year.


  • we are an established municipality and there is limited opportunity to influence our urban environment.


How we respond to these challenges, impacts the liveability of our City and the health of our community. Our Council Plan shows a commitment to tackling them and outlines how we will do it.