Cirrus Fine Coffee

There's a coffee roaster in Port Melbourne that are doing more than just serve up delicious cups of caffeine goodness. Cirrus Fine Coffee want to serve up delicious cups of caffeine goodness whilst operating at the forefront of sustainable business practices.

It’s evident in their passion for compostable packaging, their commitment to upcycled coffee machines, their willingness to grow and use their own, their dedication to use and distribute coffee grounds to fertilise farms, community gardens and their own veggie patch.

In November 2018 they converted a car space into a pop up farm. They set themselves a target of growing 300 kg of vegetables in a year, which according to World Health Organisation is enough to feed two adults for a year. Using wicking beds and coffee grounds to turbo charge the soil, they achieved that in half the time.

They are passionate about using the organic waste and excess space that exist in urban spaces to grow organic vegetables. Keep on sowing those sustainable seeds.