Angelo Xerri - Apartment Building Manager

Late last year we were contacted by Angelo Xerri, the Building Manager of The Boulevard Apartments on St Kilda Road. He was keen to explore ways to make his building more efficient and to reduce operating costs but didn’t know where to start.

The very next day our energy expert, Brett Hedger, met with Angelo at the building to start the ball rolling. The two men share a passion for getting things done and together they swept through the building, auditing and developing an understanding of the building’s efficiency and how it could be improved.

Consisting of two buildings, two towers, 30 storeys and over 150 apartments, the scale and size of The Boulevard, meant there was an opportunity for big change;

It turns out that there were many ways to improve the efficiency of the building and within 6 months they decreased the annual utility bills by over $40,000. Through the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme 300 lights and fittings were upgraded to an LED energy efficient option. The water and gas supply was restructured to operate more efficiently

Most pleasing is that Angelo has now been empowered to understand his building from an energy perspective and to own it. This understanding, coupled with his get things done attitude, means that he is now seeing opportunities himself to operate more sustainably. And that is a powerful shift in thinking.

This just the start of the sustainability journey for Angelo and the Boulevard, solar energy and light sensors are now being explored, with further savings, of emissions and money, on the way.

And so Angelo and Brett have struck up a formidable team, two people that find a way to make change happen. “All of this has happened because of the quick analysis and advice provided by Brett and the City of Port Phillip.” Angelo modestly offered. The truth is that it also needed Angelo to reach out, be willing to learn and take action.

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