Fox Hay Timber and Hardware

“For most businesses the primary factor for most big decisions is to keep operating costs down. Sustainability is a nice bonus”.

This is what Director of Fox Hay Timber and Hardware in Port Melbourne, Bruce Fox, had to say about his motivation for installing a 12 kw solar system and upgrading to LED lights. These two decisions alone have halved their energy costs.

Three and a half years ago Bruce was approached by a solar provider and offered a 5 year plan to pay off a 12kw solar system. After checking that the numbers made sense he went ahead with the instal and is still smiling about it now. They have another year and a half until they have paid it off, they will then own the system and the savings will increase.

Two years ago Bruce was told by his mechanic about a free upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting available through the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program. “What’s the catch?” Bruce was delighted to find out that there wasn’t one and went ahead with the installation. “We’ve had no issues in terms of their maintenance and the bulbs actually give off a brighter light which suits our business needs”.

The financial impact of these two sustainability choices has resulted in an annual saving of approximately $3,500; throw in the reduction in emissions, lower maintenance costs, greater energy independence, and you understand why he asks, “why on earth are more businesses not making these choices?”

Although the motives for our sustainability choices are often different the impact is the same; lower operating costs and improved environmental outcomes.