Dugald; Tree Boat Builder Extraordinaire

I went along to pick my son up from primary school last month and stumbled across the unveiling of a tree boat. This was my first run in with a tree boat and I was impressed. It’s a charming little vessel built with lashings of love by tree boat builder extraordinaire, Dugald Jellie.

The boat offers any children that are feeling lost, uncertain or unsure a safe place to journey to wherever their imaginations will take them. A dependable, inclusive and durable ship for all to sail.

The thing I loved most about this ship was its origins. All her joists and bearers are hardwood, all salvaged. Every one of her deck boards is recycled rainforest timbers, each rescued from landfill.  

Dugald is no usual tree boat builder, he’s an environmentalist tree boat builder with a big heart. He builds all manner of visionary solutions for local schools and kindergartens outdoor spaces; reuse, creativity and care are always central to his vision. 

Whatever is requested; whether it’s treehouses, play areas, wicking beds, toilet doors, paving, planting, awnings or shelters, Dugald comes up with a solution bursting with imagination and recycled materials he’s plucked from skips, hard rubbish or donations.

Giving them a new life, a much better life, and hoping that the message of reuse and reducing consumption will trickle down to the children and the local community.