James and the Giant Reuse

James is a 6 year old on a mission. He wants to make a difference, in the hope that he might inspire others and all those little differences might add up to a big difference to our planet.  

When James noticed that his Primary School were inundated with stationery items they no longer needed, he decided to do something about it. He asked if he could take them home so that they weren’t wasted.

He took so much stationery home that his family wouldn’t be able to use it all and so he needed to find another use for it. This was no surprise to his parents, he has always had a healthy fascination with recycling . They contacted the local Kindergarten, Albert Park Kindergarten, to see if they would be able to use it.

He sharpened each and every pencil and put the sharpenings into compost. The Kinder was so impressed that they asked if James was able to come in and share his motivation with the younger children.

Of course the younger children were mesmerised and the message sunk in; why buy when you can reuse? James has promised to return to the Kinder and share his next sustainable venture with his captive audience.

When James isn’t inspiring Kinder kids he can be found at Port Melbourne most weekends collecting rubbish, tending to the family worm farm and sorting through the waste to ensure nothing goes to landfill that can be recycled.

Well done James, we salute you.