The Little Suburban Power Station

He describes his home as a little suburban power station. The roof of Ashley’s Middle Park home is adorned with 34 solar panels. After successfully applying for a heritage overlay planning permit, he now generates enough renewable electricity to power not only his own home but in theory a number of his neighbours’ homes too. He is well and truly energy positive and happy to share his extra green power around.

Ashley wanted to go one step further in his pursuit of clean energy and has his gas supply disconnected. As far as he knows he is the first to do so in Port Phillip, but expects to see others following suit. “It’s the future, why wouldn’t you?” He said goodbye to his gas hot water system, heating system and cooker and replaced them with solar powered electric alternatives.

In 3-4 years Ashley will have recouped the initial investment he made in installing the panels. He is passionate about the use of renewable energy and feels strongly that all new renovations should be set up to be powered in the same way his home is. As I left his home and looked up at the glistening panels and the searing sun, I’d tend to agree with him, why wouldn’t you?

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