The Source Bulk Foods


On 2012 Paul and Emma Medeiros left the corporate world behind them in search of a sea change in Byron Bay. In 2012 Source Bulk Foods was born out of a desire to create a waste free shopping experience. Stocking an array of bulk wholefoods and health foods, the concept has been a big success and stores are now spread across Australia. 

In March 2017 City of Port Phillip scored its first Source Bulk Foods store in Balaclava. As well as popping in for some tasty lunch time treats, we thought we’d go and meet store manager Georgia Corbett to talk The Source and sustainability. I asked Georgia to come up with 10 sustainability measures they employ, she went two better and provided 12. 

  1. Customers being able to buy as much or as little as required reduces the amount of produce wasted.
  2. Suppliers are asked to change over the containers when new deliveries are made in a bid to minimise waste.
  3. Ordering in bulk minimises product packaging and waste.
  4. There are no plastic bags, customers are encouraged to reuse their own jars, bottles and containers.
  5. Selling products that aim to reduce waste – stainless steel straws, keep cups, tote bags, beeswax wrapping, stainless steel water bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, jute bags and much more.  
  6. Reusing large hessian sacks that products arrive in, as bin liners or other storage solutions.
  7. Excess containers and packaging is offered to customers for reuse.
  8. Offering zero waste masterclasses to educate consumers to make the right choices 
  9. Giving $2 from every water bottle purchased to either Water Aid, who work hard towards providing clean drinking water for all, or to Sea Shepherd, who work hard to stop illegal fishing and whaling.
  10. Acting mindfully around energy use - ensuring lights, heating and cooling are only used when necessary.
  11. Spreading the message around zero waste shopping, far and wide through our social media channels, it’s a big focus for us.
  12. Where possible we source local, biodynamic, insecticide free, organic products.

We love being in the City of Port Phillip and how passionate people are about sustainability and reducing plastic. We're always up for a chat with those who are passionate like us. We have an unwavering vision that together we can make a difference and reduce packaging waste in Australia.

Get along to The Source Bulk Foods at 171 Carlisle Street in Balaclava and enjoy a more sustainable, waste free, shopping experience.