Party Like a Sustainability Rock Star

Whether it's Meredith Music Festival, St Kilda Festival or Womadelaide; as the weather warms up thousands of us will be looking forward to weekends packed with music, camping and the dubious joys of festival toilets.

Going to a festival or outdoor event doesn’t mean you have to throw all your sustainable lifestyle choices out the window. With a teeny bit of effort, you can leave knowing you partied as planet-friendly as you possibly could!

First and foremost, do your research – try to choose an event that boasts some serious sustainable credentials, look out for events that;

  • treat their sewerage and grey water on-site

  • reduce waste to landfill through recycling and composting

  • use renewable fuels

  • encourage locally sourced organic food

  • provide and encourage the use of public transport

  • incorporate environmentally themed talks into their programs

Whilst the organisers play a big part in minimising the environmental impact of their event, you can also play a big part.

Here’s our top tips to enjoy events like a sustainability rock star;

Transport - Transport is unsurprisingly the biggest CO2 emitter of any aspect of an event. Try to reach yours by public transport, if you must drive squeeze everyone in, and split the petrol costs, save on parking, take turns driving and best of all, avoid taking multiple cars.

Waste - Waste is of course the most visible concern when it comes to the environment. Don’t litter and sort your waste into the correct bins. Bring your own reusable ‘picnic set’ (plate, cup and cutlery), with these few small items, you could almost go the whole weekend, waste free.

Fashion – Resist the urge to treat yourself to a new outfit and have fun with your wardrobe, visit a local op shop or get together with friends and have a clothes swap.

Tents - Borrow camping gear from friends and family or share different camping items with your tent neighbours.

Water – Leave the slabs of plastic bottled water on the shelf and instead fill up your reusable water bottle from the taps.

Toilets – As unappealing as it can be, use the toilets provided. Peeing at will is not good for the soil

Take it with you – Leave nothing but your footprints

Being sustainable at a festival or event doesn’t mean you need to forgo fun. Making mindful choices and planning a few things in advance will mean you can leave knowing you partied like a sustainability rock star.