Reduce your carbon emissions

Australia ranks among the highest carbon polluting countries in the world. Making simple changes in our daily lives – at home, in our shopping choices and even how we travel – can reduce our carbon footprint and save you money too. Here's some simple tips to that will make a big difference. 

1. Save up to 20% of your household electricity consumption by switching off and unplugging unused lights and appliances. 

2. Energy efficient lighting, like LED and fluorescents, can halve your lighting energy use.

3. Choose appliances with high energy efficiency ratings, each star represents up to 20% greater efficiency.

4. Switch on to clean renewable energy, choose a provider that is renewables friendly and purchase their 'green power' product. 

5. 40% of household energy in Australia is used in heating and cooling homes. Reduce your reliance on appliances by;

  • Keeping windows shaded
  • Insulating walls, ceilings and floors
  • Draught proofing your home

6. Going solar at home means saving money on electricity bills and reduces your carbon footprint. Over 2 million Australian homes are already powered by the sun. 

7. Transport accounts for 34% of Australia's total household greenhouse gas emissions.Reduce air travel where you can. Drive less, and opt for public transport, walking, cycling or carpooling instead. If you must drive, then consider a hybrid electric vehicle or offsetting your emissions.

8. When shopping make environmentally friendly choices. Buy recycled, shop local, buy less meat, choose biodegradable products, avoid product packaging that ends up in landfill and of course where possible don't buy new products. 

9. Minimise your food waste by planning your shopping and meals more carefully, re-using leftovers and composting.