Reduce your water use

Reducing water consumption in the home is a simple and easy way to decrease water and energy bills and lessen your household’s impact on the environment.

Conserving water resources, even in areas without shortages, has many benefits;

  • lowers energy requirements for treating and transporting water and wastewater
  • reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduces the need to build dams or extract water from rivers
  • decreases wastewater produced and treated at sewage plants.

Every household can cut down water use at low cost, often with costs recouped through water and energy savings within one year.

Six ways to minimise water use

  1. Reduce indoor water use by choosing water efficient showers, toilets, taps and appliances.
  2. Minimise outdoor water use by choosing plants that are appropriate for local growing conditions and by including low water use areas in the garden design through the use of indigenous plants or low water use species (see Outdoor water use).
  3. Minimise paving of outdoor areas as this increases heat radiation and water runoff from the site.
  4. Wash cars and bikes on the lawn to water grass at the same time.
  5. Sweep paths and drives instead of hosing them down.
  6. Reuse water where possible to reduce the consumption of potable water for non-potable purposes.