Go solar at home

Installing solar panels at home will allow you to generate renewable energy and reduce your electricity bills. Solar makes great sense for some buildings, but not for others. The first thing to find out is whether it will work for your building. When choosing to install solar power, it's important to consider the following:


When deciding whether to install new solar panels, keep in mind that adjoining land and dwellings may be developed in the future, or a tree or fast growing hedge may impact the effectiveness of your solar panels from overshadowing.

The ideal placement for solar panels in Melbourne is an unshaded roof pitch of 30º, facing due north. Although if this is not achievable orienting panels to the east or west are still viable options.


Minimise the visibility of a system from the street, and its impact on surrounding properties and public areas especially if your land is covered by a heritage overlay.

Roof Structure

It's important to assess the orientation of your roof, the ease of access to the installation site and the structural integrity of the roof, which all impact on the viability of installing solar panels on your roof.

Property Boundaries

Where possible avoid placing the system on or near the property boundary without first obtaining consent from the adjoining property owner(s).


Despite careful panel placement of solar panels, some overshadowing may still occur. As long as this is not greater than 20% of the surface area of your system over the warmer months, energy generation will generally still be effective


Ensure that the system is installed by a qualified professional, accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Heritage Overlay

A heritage overlay does not necessarily prevent a solar panel installation. You will need to apply for  a planning permit if your property is covered by a heritage overlay area and the proposed solar panel system is visible from the street.In the last 12 months, ninety percent of applications for solar in heritage areas have been approved. 

Planning Permit Fee Waiver

As part of the City of Port Phillip’s commitment towards environmental sustainability the application fee typically associated with obtaining a planning permit will not be required for applications to install solar panels. For more information contact the Planning Department on 03 9209 6424.


For more information on photovoltaic and solar hot water systems please contact our Sustainable Design Officer on 9209 6303 or email  sustainabledesign@portphillip.vic.gov.au.