A program that supports community members to become leaders and deliver their own sustainability projects. The program will involve training and mentoring to provide the community with the tools they need to improve environmental sustainability. The program will select 10 community members or groups each year with projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and/or supporting community to adapt to climate change


There is a lot of capacity within the community for individuals and groups to drive behaviour change. This program will not only support the delivery of tangible projects but also help develop environmental leadership and help unlock the potential within the community

Enviro Champs Are Ready, Set, Go!

The first Enviro Champs Program workshop took place on Tuesday 2 October at the St Kilda Lifesaving Club. Thirty-five enthusiastic and committed community members have registered for the program which involves weekly facilitated workshops and presentations from the Port Phillip EcoCentre, Beach Patrol, Westbury Street Green Roof, Climate For Change and Dumbo Feather.

Councillors have been invited to a highlight of the program which is the presentation of sustainability projects on 27 November 2018. 

Community members are supported to deliver their own sustainability projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or support the wider community to adapt to climate change.

The Program has a target of delivering ten sustainability projects in 2018-19. The calibre and number of participants to date demonstrate that we are on track to exceed this target.

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