Composting WITH community

Food waste is a big issue in Port Phillip, with households each spending around $2,000 a year on food which they throw out – and two thirds of this is food which could have been eaten!

We think that’s a lot of money, and a lot of wasted food, so we’ve come up with two simple actions that you can take to help save money and reduce the Port Phillip waste-line:

  1. Use a weekly meal planner and shopping list. Planning your meals is a proven way to reduce what you buy and reduce what you throw out.

  2. Purchase a subsidised Green Cone for your garden (one per household).Green Cones can recycle all kinds of food waste that slip through the leftovers cracks and we are selling them to Port Phillip residents for only $79.90 – that’s a 60% discount.

Get started today by visiting Compost Revolution to place your order for a Green Cone and to get your weekly meal planner and shopping list.

Installation and maintenance

Discover how to get the most out of your Green Cone and ensure it is well maintained. Find out more.

frequently asked questions

If you’re interested in understanding more about how the Composting for Community Program can benefit you, explore the frequently asked questions.

Want to take more action on waste? Sign up to Smart Solutions for Waste, a sustainable waste-loss program which empowers our Port Phillip community to learn about the impacts of consumption, understand their waste footprint, and make changes to avoid, reuse, and recycle even more.

Find out more about food waste and how you can play your part in reducing it.