Old phones for good food

From the old brick-phone that's missing a button, to the tangled mess of broken chargers and earbuds – we’re all guilty of it; a bottom drawer full of unwanted and unused mobile phones and mobile accessories.  

In fact, there are now more unused mobile phones than there are people in Australia. These products are full of precious metals, and can easily be recycled to reduce the environmental impact of new phones and other products.  

How easy is it? 

Just bring your old mobile phone, and mobile phone accessories along to City of Port Phillip reception at 99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda, and we’ll take it from there. You can leave knowing you’ve reduced future CO2 emissions, and provided a meal to someone in need! 

Mobile Muster will provide a meal to someone in need through OzHarvest 

Mobile Muster has partnered with OzHarvest for the #mobileforameal campaign. For every phone recycled through Mobile Muster, they will donate a meal to someone in need. Old phones dialled up 60,000 free meals over summer!  
What about my data?  

Mobile Muster provide some great tips to make sure you don’t lose any important data. It’s as simple as:  

  • Backing up your data

  • Logging out

  • Performing a reset

  • Removing your SIM and memory card

Any remaining data is securely destroyed during the recycling process.   
What are you waiting for? 

Clean out the bottom draw and bring down your old mobile phones to City of Port Phillip Reception. You’ll be helping out the planet, and helping out someone in need.  

Got other e-waste you’d like to recycle? Head to the Port Phillip Resource Recovery Centre in South Melbourne, or organise pick up here

Five Stars for St Kilda Primary School

St Kilda Primary School are celebrating the news that they have just been awarded a 5 Star school rating from Sustainability Victoria. They are the first school in Port Phillip to achieve the honour and only the 50th in the whole of Australia.  

They started the ResourceSmart Schools program in 2012 and it has taken a lot of commitment from the entire school community to get to this point. Two key decisions in achieving the outcome, was to embed sustainability into their curriculum and employ a dedicated Sustainability Co-ordinator, Anabel Herr. 

Anabel said, "We're all very proud of the achievement, it's been a long journey and a great team effort and we all feel very proud that we've got this far. I would like to specifically thank our Principal, Sue Higgins and Vice Principal, Jo O'Malley . To achieve a result like this you need the backing of the leadership team and that's exactly what's happened here". 

As a result of their work on the program, the school has reduced their operating costs by over $100,000, improved their environmental outcomes and created life-long learners in the process.

Learn more about their approach to sustainability here. The future is certainly bright with schools like them around!