Australia’s first carbon neutral kindergarten

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Albert Park Preschool has become the first certified carbon neutral early childhood service in Australia.

We worked with them over the past 5 years as part of our Seedlings program to reach this milestone which also included reducing their gas use to zero, cutting electricity consumption by 59%, water by 71% and waste by over 50%.

The children play a big role, including reading the electricity meters, distributing organic waste to the four worm farms on site, and caring for the community garden.

To achieve carbon neutrality the kindergarten partnered with us to identify and implement opportunities to reduce emissions. Actions included installing solar panels, solar batteries, a solar heat pump and energy efficient LED lighting.

In recognition of this huge achievement together, we recently won the 2019 Cities Power Partnerships Award for community engagement.

"To take time to view our big, beautiful, blue planet from the perspective of a child is to truly appreciate the wonder of life from the smallest of living creatures to the largest gifts of nature. We feel it is our duty to support the children's love of nature by reducing our carbon footprint,” said Administration Director, Jenny Whelan.

“We might be little, but we dream big, and together we can continue to make a difference," she said.

Albert Park Preschool was also recognised as a finalist in the 2018 Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards and as a participant in the Gasworks Arts Park "From Nature" exhibition.

Despite being one of the newest and smallest additions to the Carbon Neutral Network, Albert Park Preschool is already pursuing a new goal of bringing together a sustainable learning community and is proud to partner local Primary Schools and Albert Park College in pursuit of this vision.

Setting sustainability goals with Council’s Greenhouse Project officer, Brett Hedger

Setting sustainability goals with Council’s Greenhouse Project officer, Brett Hedger