Enviro Champs Graduate With Honours

In June 2019 we held a Graduation Night to acknowledge and celebrate the passion and commitment of a group of individuals within our community, now and forever known as enviro champs.

The Program supported the participants to deliver a number of exciting sustainability projects that will benefit our community. It also connected a group of individuals that came together and inspired, supported and challenged one another.

Some of the projects included;

  • A podcast series focussing on the work of the River Keepers

  • A community beehive and education session

  • A suite of sustainable festivals celebrating the unique beauty and wildlife of The Bay

  • A community composting program for apartments

  • A children’s book highlighting the plight of the endangered Leadbetter Possum

  • Establishing a one stop recycling stations for childcare centres

  • A Jewish Climate Change Group

  • A gleaning enterprise to redistribute unwanted farm produce.

It’s an incredible achievement given that the majority of participants had no experience in delivering sustainability projects previously.

I suspect we will be hearing more from this group of individuals and their desire to take action to create change will continue to reap rewards.