City of Port Phillip Wins Water Sensitive Cities Award

The City of Port Phillip recently received the inaugural Water Sensitive Cities Award from the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. The award recognises water sensitive principles being applied on the ground. 

The City’s strong performance, which led to the award, is largely attributed to high scores in:

  1. improving productivity and resource efficiency

  2. achieving equity of essential services

  3. increasing community capital

  4. ensuring good water sensitive governance

  5. promoting adaptive infrastructure.

The City of Port Phillip is located beside Port Phillip Bay and at the mouth of the Yarra River. Well known for its beaches and foreshore it is also at the bottom of the Elster Creek Catchment, making it subject to historical flooding. Due to this unique location, the City of Port Phillip has had to manage its water in adaptive and collaborative ways to minimise the impacts of flooding and take advantage of the beautiful bayside location.