Record plants and animals in your backyard with NatureSpot

We’re gathering information about living things in our City so that we can develop ways to protect and enhance biodiversity.


75% of land in Port Phillip is privately held so we need your help to tell us what animals and plants you have in your backyard and neighbourhood as part of our new citizen science project, NatureSpot. 


From now until April 2020 we'll be working with the EcoCentre to run NatureSpot events to collect this data. The data will inform our Biodiversity Plan to create wildlife corridors so that animals can move around safely, have the right things to eat, and the right types of shelter.


You can come along to an event and record data with local amateur naturalists, or you can record your own sightings.

Start recording the plants and animals you see.

Get more info and find out about upcoming events.