Compost Revolution Evaluation

The numbers are in and they make for very pleasant reading for Port Phillip. We are delighted to announce we have concluded a successful Compost Revolution Program. 

We supported over 500 residents to purchase a subsidised composting product including worm farms, compost bins and bokashi bins, exceeding our target of 500, and resulting in:

  • 25,134 kg of food waste diverted from landfill to date.

  • 40,900 kg of greenhouse gas emissions avoided to date.

The Program was delivered through the Sustainable City Community Action Plan, which aims to support our community to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste.

Although the formal program has finished City of Port Phillip residents can still access products from the Compost Revolution website with a 40 per cent discount. During 2018/19 the SCCAP will focus on waste reduction education efforts on apartment buildings and businesses.  

The draft Don’t Waste it! strategy will also guide other future organic waste initiatives for the next four years. 

To find out more about how to compost click here and where to compost click here