Where to Compost in Port Phillip

One question that keeps popping up from our community is - "where can I compost my food scraps in Port Phillip? Around half of our household garbage is made up of food & garden waste. Composting keeps these materials out of landfill where they can break down into greenhouse gases. It's encouraging that so many community members are keen to do the right thing and divert from landfill. 

Here are the composting sites in Port Phillip that will accept your organic food waste. They are all sites run by volunteers so make sure you stop, think and chop. If you aren't sure of the composting code of conduct, read our Composting Made Easy fact sheet to better understand the do's and do not's.

Port Phillip Eco Centre, St Kilda

The Port Phillip EcoCentre is a place where environmental solutions are hatched and nurtured.  The EcoCentre is a not-for-profit, community-managed, environment group, providing a base for affiliate groups involved in activities that promote biodiversity, environmental sustainability and community action. They offer organic waste composting systems for the local neighbourhood.

Veg Out, St Kilda

Veg Out is an organic, chemical free community garden run by volunteers and located in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. They have offered organic composting systems to the local community for many years. 

 The Mary & Basil Community Garden, South Melbourne

The Garden aims to enhance the lives of city-dwelling residents by supporting and linking avid community gardeners who desire to garden organically. They offer organic waste composting systems for the local neighbourhood.

Te-Arai Community Garden, St Kilda East

Located at Te Arai Reserve, the Community Garden aims to be a bountiful, colourful, safe and shared community space. Five raised garden beds provide the neighbourhood with an opportunity to grow and share fresh produce and gardening tips. There are monthly working bees and people pitch in with the ongoing watering and maintenance. They offer organic waste composting systems for the local neighbourhood.

Simply Living Garden

Established by the Port Melbourne Uniting church for all to enjoy, the productive garden includes vegetable beds, herbs and fruit trees, flowering and native plants to attract bees and birds.They offer organic waste composting systems for the local neighbourhood.

The Port Phillip Men's Shed (PPMSA), South Melbourne

A relatively small garden plot with 3 reasonable sized compost bins. The best time for organic waste delivery is between 10am - 3pm on  Saturdays at Southport Uniting Care (SPUC) 319 Dorcas St, South Melbourne. They do not accept the following items; animal dropping, tea and coffee bags, citrus peels and onions, fish and meat scraps, dairy products, glossy paper,sticky labels on fruits, sawdust from treated, painted or varnished wood, particle board, large branches, synthetic fertilizers, diseased plants, ivy, plane tree leaves and similar.


ShareWaste is a third person, non-council connection service, putting those who are able to share their compost site with those who want somewhere to compost. Anyone who wishes to recycle their kitchen scraps with their neighbours who are already composting, worm-farming or keep chickens can use the service. Search to see if there are any compost sites near your home.

If you know of any other community composting sites please do let us know at enviro@portphillip.vic.gov.au