Top 5 items contaminating our recycling

Contamination of the recycling stream can be a big problem. Placing significant non-recyclable can contaminate the recycling process and end up costing more money to sort.

We all have a responsibility to make our recycling cleaner. So let’s ensure we reduce contamination from items that are not able to be recycled.

Here are the top 5 waste items that contaminate recycling bins. 

  1. Soft plastics including shopping bags, cling wrap and soft plastic packaging and wrappers. Gather these separately and find out where to recycle these in your community, such as at your local supermarket.

  2. Clothing cannot be processed at recycling centres, so donate wearable clothing to a local charity instead, or reuse as rags around the home.

  3. Keep items out of plastic bags. This one is easy: just bin it – don’t bag it! All recycling items should be loose in the bin. If they are in a plastic bag, the whole lot has to be ditched.

  4. Leave green waste out of the recycling bin. If you have a green bin, put all your grass clippings, prunings and garden waste in there.

  5. Electronic-waste – this includes any electrical items, phones, cables, batteries and computers. E-waste recycling is free at City of Port Phillip, watch the video below to find out how

Other offending items include nappies, ceramic cups and food scraps.