Why Buy a Car When You Can Share?

Car sharing has taken the world by storm and is operating in over 600 cities, including the City of Port Phillip.

Car share works by giving members access to cars for use either by the hour or by the day. There are designated parking spaces for these cars so members can avoid parking hassles when they're finished with the car.

The usage fee covers all expenses, including petrol, insurance, registration and maintenance. People who drive less that 5,000 km per year will likely find car share saves them money.

Car share also reduces the amount of cars in our city, relieving pressure on parking and reducing congestion.

"Being a car share member means I don't need to own my own car, leaving one more space on the street for people who really need it" Craig, Elwood resident.

The City of Port Phillip is now home to over 100 car share vehicles provided by:

Some Port Phillip residents make their vehicles available for sharing, through neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing platform Car Next Door.

Find out more about car share in the City of Port Phillip here and explore our Car Share Policy.