5 Ways to Take the Heat Off Local Flora and Fauna

We're not the only ones that wilt in the Melbourne sun, here's 5 easy ways to take the heat off our local flora and fauna;

1 - Furry and feathered friends will thank you for a shallow dish of water, as high as possible and in the shade.

2. Show your nearest street tree appreciation for all the shade it provides with an occasional bucket of water.

3. Water garden beds and veggie patches in the cool of morning and insulate with a layer of mulch.

4. Pamper your pets with access to shade, ice cubes in water bowels and wet blankets to lie on

5. Keep your worms wriggling with worm farms in the shade or in garages, frozen water bottles buried deep and a wet blanket on the outside.

They'll thank you with birdsong, shade, produce, kisses and fertiliser