Love Our Bay

In case you’ve been living under a stone last month Harry and Meaghan, otherwise known as Duke and Duchess, mucked in with Port Phillip EcoCentre student leaders and Beach Patrol to clean a South Melbourne beach. And with very good reason.

Research by the Port Phillip EcoCentre has found that 828 million pieces of litter flow into the Port Phillip Bay every year, with 74% of these items being microplastics. Polystyrene, plastic straws, nurdles (pre-production microplastic pellets, around the size of a grain of rice), soft plastic, and hard plastic remnants of larger items are the most commonly found types of litter in the Bay.

Port Phillip Bay’s biodiversity is far greater than most locals or visitors would imagine with 80 per cent of the aquatic life found in the Port Phillip Bay found nowhere else in the world! Healthy biodiversity has been shown to help reduce the impacts of climate change.

While Harry and Meghan were in and out in the flash of a paparazzi camera, we are left to acknowledge that it is all of our responsibilities to take care of the Port Phillip Bay, and a beach litter clean-up is an excellent start.

If you want to find out how you can help to keep our Bay clean contact Port Phillip EcoCentre, Beach Patrol or Earthcare St Kilda #LoveOurBay.