How to Green Your Halloween

Here are five ways to treat the environment this Halloween - save the tricks for the kids.

1. Petrifying pumpkins

You can’t have Halloween without a spooky jack o lantern. Try and get your hands on a pumpkin that is locally grown and organic. Compost your leftover pumpkin, plant or roast the seeds and use the insides to cook with. Alternatively break from tradition and carve up an in-season watermelon, the ghoulish green lends itself.

2. Creepy costumes

It’s scary the amount of new costumes that are purchased each year - most are made from unsustainable materials, overseas and are served up in plastic packaging. Reuse what you already have; an old bedsheet ghost still gets a scream. A visit to your local op shop is sure to provide the perfect finishing touches. Get your freaky on.

3. Scary styling

Put the horror in your home with some truly horrific decorations. Lave the non-recyclable plastics on the shelf and get craft in a very creepy way.  Pumpkins and corns have a chilling charm. Old stockings can be spun into spider webs, pipe cleaners for scuttling spider legs, toilet rolls for flapping bats and cardboard boxes for terrifying tombs. A liberal splatter of cornflour blood hand prints is the perfect finishing touch. Get inspired.

4. Terrifying treats

Ditch the plastic wrapped lollies in favour of bloodcurdling baked goods. Anyone for a skull cookie or perhaps an eyeball jelly? If you can’t resist some chilling chocolate look out for fairtrade and organic stamps.

5. Horrifying Halloween Parties

If you choose to throw a petrifying party this Halloween make sure you avoid single-use plastic plates, cups, and cutlery and use regular crockery and cutlery instead. Feel free to serve up your most terrifying trick to anyone who breaks the rules.