10 Steps to a More Sustainable Bar

Calling all bar workers! 

Save money whilst doing your bit for the environment? We'll drink to that! Here are ten simple steps to turn your bar into a more sustainable bar. 

1. Green fingers - grow your own herbs and edible flowers onsite
2. Up your draught game - reduce bottle waste with drinks poured straight from the tap
3. Scrap the paper - look for resuable alternatives to paper cups, napkins, coasters and towels
4. Straws suck - Consider reusable or say bye bye straws
5. Perfectly packaged - ask supppliers about their choice of packaging. Say no to nondegradable
6. Fill her up - make sure that glasswasher is full every single time
7. Get your compost on - find a local community garden to take your compostable waste to
8. Green your clean - use eco-safe cleaning products
9. Go local / go seasonal - reduce food miles and support local businesses. No caiprinhas when limes are out of season! 
10. Spread the word - make sure staff and customers know what you're doing and why